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Training can be an crucial element of the process to secure a yacht job. Nearly every yacht job position requires some sort of training, and usually that training is a mixture of experience-related and boating-specific training. According to your job goals, you might choose a ship yacht delivery jobs san diego job that requires minimal training, such as deckhand or steward, or you might choose one that requires substantial knowledge and detailed training, such as yacht engineer or captain. You can apply for boat jobs within the private and public sectors, in addition to look for positions that provide the working hours and salary requirements you need.

Congratulations on college! Working on a yacht could be the ideal just-out of college career I think. Why don't you save your self the money and obtain a yacht to fly you out to St. Martin instead of purchasing one yourself or find a ship distribution leaving from Ft. Lauderdale? If you visit St. Martin all on your own, where would you stay? There are crew homes there in St. Martin, but I never stayed at them so I can't recommend any. Hotels are likely to be rather costly. But you must understand that to fly in to Antigua or SXM you MUST have a roundtrip ticket. It is needed.

If you're uncertain of where is best to go to search for work, then a team agent can advise you (the principle locations are Antibes, Antigua, Palma, St. Maarten, and Ft. Lauderdale). Certain times of the year are better than others- if you want to focus on a sailing yacht, then Antibes in early April can be your best bet (there's plenty of daywork available at that point because it is before the Might Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix). If you'd like to focus on a powerboat, then a cold temperatures in Ft. Lauderdale is a safe guess.

Working like a deckhand is an excellent way to start off in the yachting industry to see if it's something you truly wish to accomplish. It's an entry level placement, and it does not demand a large amount of extensive training. On another hand, you're more likely to get used as a deckhand if you have yacht engineer jobs several years of boating or sailing experience and you're ready to work hard. Deckhands can perform a variety of obligations, based on the size of the yacht. In general, though, the deckhands are primarily responsible for the exterior of the yacht.

In the recent times taking care of a luxurious yacht was considered more of the life style than a real task. It is tempting for several crew to forget that they don’t truly own the boat they work on and slip in to the mindset of the cash tree that does. Taking care of a luxury yacht brings with it a romantic connectionthe extreme high-end lifestyle existed from the guests and owners on-board. In the event that you actually want to go from the pier, consume, drink and be adorned then be prepared to break out your checkbook again.

I finished up my STCW training Friday this morning and started buying job quickly thereafter. There are numerous crew agencies around that I posted my resume with and have attempted to conduct interviews with each of them. There are also many staff databases on line and web sites with job postings where I've also posted my information. Then there is the job of ‘dockwalking’. I didn’t have much luck with obtaining work like this and must acknowledge that you often feel like a bum worrying people for work. I did so, nevertheless, get happy having a staff agency.

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